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A newbie need a little help - Calculation for wedding guest name & Plus1

Question asked by Lifesavingedu on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by TorstenBernhard

So first i want to say thank you for all of the help that I'm hopefully going to get for this


so basically what I'm trying to is link two names in calculation (two calculation fields)


So basicly I'm looking to do is if they have a plus one and i know there name i want to be able to address the everything with Mr John Doe  and Mrs Jane Doe


Here are the field names I'm using


Wedding guest = C_Guest Fullname

Wedding guests plusone (which is in a different table) = WeddingGuestPlusone::C_plusoneFullname


Also while I'm here ill also ask this to, now if my soon to be wife wants to have it look something like Mr & Mrs Doe how would i do that in a calculation


Thank you again and I'm going to guess that this is an easy thing to do but I'm extremely green (NEW) to file maker this my second database