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windows authentication in fm 13 php on iis

Question asked by vovy on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by nicolai

I want to build some PHP GUI on top of FileMaker, and use external authentication, but I am not an expert in AD, PHP or even FileMaker.


External authentication works fine in FileMaker Pro from my desktop as SSO.


When I feed the FileMaker() constructor with my domain username and password, it works. If I do not provide these, or the username only, it does not work.


Using Windows authentication, the browser asks for credentials with its own dialog window, or not even that. Both _SERVER['LOGON_USER'] and  $_SERVER['AUTH_USER'then return my full domain user name. So I believe the server/Windows/IIS knows, who I am.


I do not want to ask the usernames and passwords using PHP code, like all the samples suggest, and handle users' domain credentials, because it gives me full access to them and feels crazy unsafe breaking security in every way.


How do I get the FileMaker PHP API to authenticate me, without providing the password to it? Is it even possible?


My research did not provide any good answer so far.


Many thanks for any help with my first question here.