TSGAL - FMS 14 - WebDirect flickering screens

Discussion created by user16545 on Nov 30, 2015
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Hi TSGAL and TSPigeon,


In other discussions we developers showed that FM14 rendering of WebDirect screens is a major problem.




Many developers have now noticed and reported this problem.
We can't sell software like this, that's obvious!

It is also obvious that that is a major problem for Filemaker as well.


You asked me to send you a copy of the file.
You reported back that you could replicate the issue.

Both Torsten and I explicitly asked for an update on this.
We got no answer.
And the only answer we want to hear is that it will be solved.
An earlier discussion of Torsten on this issue is even no longer accessible on the forum.

Can you update us, developers, upon the status of this?
Don't hide, communicate please.