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Pasting formatted text not working correctly in FM 14

Question asked by philipHPG on Nov 30, 2015

We recently upgraded to FileMaker 14 and the transition was relatively smooth. Yay!


However, we've just run into a problem. It appears that FileMaker 14 has regressed significantly in its ability to parse formatted text (when pasting). Not sure how best to describe it, so I'm including several screenshots that will hopefully show the problem.


We are taking formatted text (from an HTML e-mail) and copying it into a text field.




This is what it looked like when pasted into a text field on FileMaker 11.


And this is what it now looks like when pasted into a text field in FileMaker 14.


Multiple lines from the original are being scrunched together, that weren't previously. I have confirmed that there are no scripts or database field calculations involved. We are simply pasting in the text and it's the FileMaker 14 paste function that is having problems. (I copied the text from the e-mail, pasted it into FileMaker 11 and then pasted the same thing into FileMaker 14 - no intervening actions.)


I see references to using Command+Shift+Option+V to paste unformatted text, but that doesn't work.


Has anyone else encountered this? Any more suggestions?