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Changing a relation

Question asked by tkemmere on Nov 30, 2015
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Dear all,


A newbe scripting question. I hope someone is willing to get me going. I'm very new to Filemaker as well as scripting, And I'm very much enjoying learning art of building a well functionning database solution. But on this one I have no best path how to tackle things. It is probably quite simple, and that is why I can't find it online easily.


I have a table account managers. And a related table companies. Managers and companies have names, but the relation is maintained through numbered ID and FID. An account manager wants to assign one of his companies to a colleague. In the layout of that company, he sees his own name. But when he would change his name into that of his colleague, he'd actually be changing his own name in the related accmgr-table.


How should I best make it so, that when he clicks a dropdown with colleagues, the accmgr-table stays in tact, but the FID in the companies table is adjusted according to the chosen name?


What I did sofar: User clicks on the dropdown-field accountmanager in companies-layout, and a script is triggered on that: "OnObjectEnter". Then I tried "Show Custom Dialogue" with an Input Field "NewAccountmanager", which is added to the Accountmanager-table. But then I get stuck. Becuase how do I look up that value in the Accmgr-table and put the corrsponding ID into the FID of companies...? Am I on the right track?


I know it's basic stuff for most of you, and I'm very willing to do my own searching, but it seems rather difficult to find these basic things. I still have to get used to the "way of thinking". I'm sure I'll get there. Thanks for your response.


Regards, Thomas.