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Conditional Value List based on Conditions in two databases

Question asked by user25682 on Nov 30, 2015
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Either my Google Fu is failing or I'm just not using the correct search terms.


My "Events" database needs to show a list of people for each position on a crew as a drop down list. That Value List should change based on the Events:State in which the event will be located and another qualification listed as checkbox in the "People" database. People has one record per state for each person who can work there. There's a relationship between Events:State and People:State.

I have it working via a Portal that filters the viewable related records based on multiple conditions. I would much, much rather have that same info in an actual value list for use in a Drop Down list.


How can I best accomplish that?


I figured out a way to do it using a Calculation field in People and then only including related values, but is there a more elegant way?


tl-dr; - Need a Value List that changes based on one field in the master database and two fields in the related records in the child.