Import Multiple Files - mapping not retained

Discussion created by Kaps on Dec 1, 2015
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I am trying to import multiple files into Filemaker 13 from Excel. There are 7 file types - each has its own structure. There is a script for each file (so seven scripts). Each script does essentially the same thing - import the data from the file into the same table. So my files are called Transact, Novia, Raymond James, Other etc. The excel files are called Transact.xlsx, Novia.xlsx, Raymond James.xlsx, Other.xlsx.


If I run the Transact script once, then this works fine.

If I then run the Novia script, I find have to reset the field mapping for this file before re-running - otherwise the data is imported into the wrong columns.


Filemaker does not seem to remember the mappings of the individual files. Can anybody see why ? Thanks


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