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How to share FM accounts and passwords ?

Question asked by mumu38 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by mumu38

Hi everybody,


I made 3 FMP databases for a research institute. Two databases are linked to the third one which is a kind of address book (with all users and more). Users can access the databases as [Guest] or they may identify via FMP because I can't use the Active Directory. Thus, I need to recreate the user accounts for each database, which is really time consuming (> 250 accounts).

Users open the DB with WebDirect.

I'm trying to make another, simple DB, to use as a launcher so that users could identify themselves only once and then access the different DB. It doesn't work yet.

Is it impossible, or am I only doing it wrong ?

I think there's been some (old ?) discussions on that topic but I can't find the good one.


Thanks for any help