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    PDF printing Mac vs PC


      When I've pasted a PDF document, e.g., a form to complete, onto a layout and then print it, it looks great coming from my Mac and looks horrible if printed from a windows machine. Any added fields are nice and clean on both platforms. Has anyone come up with a workaround or solution for this? Are there options other than printing just the fields onto the PDF form that is pre-printed and already in a printer?  Have not had much luck with converting the PDF to a graphic and then pasting into the layout, anyone with success with this?

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          A few comments:

          1.     Don't use copy and paste. You should be able to add a PDF directly onto a layout using Insert –> Picture.

          2.     The problem with converting a PDF to a graphic is that you lose the PDF's inherent clarity—text is converted to pixels and will look fuzzy.

          3.     To get a PDF or any image to look clear in print it needs to be a suitably high resolution in the first place, and you pay for that in file size, so use sparingly.

          4.     You could experiment with storing the PDF form in a container field using FM's External storage. Then you only need the field on your layout, not the graphic itself. You might have to play around a bit with settings to get a printable result.

          5.     I can't comment on the Mac/Windows difference, but that is probably coming from outside FM.

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            You can drop your pdf in Filemaker.

            In Acrobat Reader  on your windows machine change the settings in "Advanced print setup" and then select "print as image"


            Greetz Karina