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    Recreating the status tool bar?


      I am intending to remove the status tool bar from my layouts, but first I need to recreate the options within my layout. I am good with everything except in find mode...


      I have perform find and cancel buttons that appear in find mode but, I was wandering if anyone has created the list of operators and also the omit/include toggle? if so how?



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          If you want to recreate the pull-down for operators, create a value list that has them in it, attach it to a global field, and add a script to insert the character OnModify.


          The omit / include toggle is controlled via the Omit Record script step.

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            Not sure about global fields, is that a field that can be used on any layout? where do I create it? or do I need the field on every layout that I want the script on?


            if I'm in a field in find mode and I want to add an operator, once I click in the global field it I would have come out of the field I want to add the operator to so how would the script look to get the operator into the field I was just in and go back to editing that field?

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              A global field is a field of any normal type (text, number, date, etc.) with the storage set to global (Manage Database > choose field > Options > Storage tab). It can be placed in any table, on any layout. And yes, you would need the field on all layouts from which you want to do this.


              In order to get the cursor back into the original field, you're going to have to use an OnObjectEnter Script Trigger to store whatever field you were last in in a global variable ($$). That trigger would need to be added to any field on the layout where the user might click (except the global operator field). That will let you know what field to go back to after you click.


              You'll also need to assign an object name to every field involved, because you can't use Go to Field dynamically. Or, alternatively, your script will have to include all possible fields in an If / Else If / Else branch.


              What you're trying to do is not simple. That's why the Status Toolbar is there in the first place; it's a lot of work to recreate that functionality. What exactly is the driver for locking the toolbar down?

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                I want to try and control what the user can do, for example, if they create a new client there are certain things that need to be filled in that are on different tabs and there are lots of things that get filled in as we go so I have a separate layout for new client.


                also there are some actions that I want created through a script so that it's assigned to the correct job if the user can just create a new action they won't link up to the right job.


                I think what I might do is list the operators in a text field that only appears in find mode and the user can type it in themselves.

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                  You're going about it the wrong way. Use Custom Menus and hijack the menu commands to run the scripts you need. Then you can leave all the normal functionality intact.

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                    Oh, and as an additional argument against trying to control user action through the Status Toolbar: Even if you hide the toolbar, unless you use menu control, users can still create new records by choosing Records > New Record (for example). So you still have to deal with the menu issue regardless.

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                      not looked at customs menus yet but will give that a look, you have certainly given me something to think about