General FileMaker Business Development Brainstorm

Discussion created by donhoogkamer on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by CarlSchwarz

I believe everybody or at least most of the people on the forum are familiair with the versatility of the FileMaker platform. When I started working with the platform I noticed the opportunities the platform has for organizations and I am currently looking into making FileMaker development (part of) my profession. However I am wondering how most of the developers make their income. I think a discussion like this can be an interesting brainstorm for the developers as well instead of it just being informative for me.


How valuable (if applicable) is the FileMaker Business Alliance for you? Do the businneses that contact you through FBA ask you for a custom made solution, advice, plugins or connections to other databases? Or maybe something completely else? Even better, how do most of your customers find your company and what kind of solutions are they looking for?


Is there a certain branche that you serve or for which FM is particularly interesting? Is the majority of your income based on "pre-made" solutions? Is FM development only a part if your business or it is the main income generator? Also, what do you think about the FileMaker platform in general: is this a growing platform?