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Sub-Summary of Multiple Fields

Question asked by dgreensp_1 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by dgreensp_1

I have a database with 8 drop-down fields with each field having 5 different data options in each.  For example:

Drop Down Field A

Option A1

Option A2

Option A3

Option A4

Option A5


Drop Down Field B

Option B1

Option B2

Option B3

Option B4

Option B5




I would like to create a summary report which shows the total number of counts for each of the options.  For example


Drop Down Field A          Drop Down Field B

Option A1                         Option B1

3                                        8

Option A2                         Option B2

5                                        3

Option A3                         Option B3

12                                      5

Option A4                         Option B4

4                                        2

Option A5                         Option B5

1                                        9


Any ideas without creating 40 different calculation fields?