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Ability to select/insert multiple files into separate container fields?

Question asked by jfalberg on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by jfalberg

I currently have a simple script that performs an Insert Picture into a single container, but now there's a request to be able to select multiple files and to insert them into multiple rows using that same container, so I was wondering if it is at all possible to be able to select as many files as possible within a given folder on client workstation or mapped drive and be able to script through that list and perform the Insert Picture script while creating new records for each instance.  I'm willing to explore any 3rd party plugin possibilities as well.


My Main reason to using the "Insert Picture" script over "Insert File" or "Insert PDF" is for container viewing purposes that don't seem to work with "Insert File" and that the "Insert PDF" script causes me constant errors I don't understand.