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Replace field contents: Minor issue

Question asked by tays01s on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by tays01s

Part of a script creates new records and a 'replace field contents' line gives the records a name. I find that the 51st record doesn't get named unless I place the 'replace field contents' outside the IF clause. What am I missing?


If [ IsEmpty (Nut_calcs 3::__uuID) ]

Set Field [ Patient::IO_n; IO 2::__uuID ]
Set Variable [ $nutcalc_ioID; Value:Patient::IO_n ]

Go to Layout [ “Nut_calcs” (Nut_calcs) ]

Exit Loop If [ Let($i = $i +1;$i = 52) ]

New Record/Request
Set Field
[ Nut_calcs::_Nut_eqsID; $i ]

End Loop
Replace Field Contents
[ Nut_calcs 3::Nut; Replace with calculation: Nut_eqs 3::Nut ] [ No dialog ]

End If