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    Import content of text file from Box (insert from URL)


      Hi Everyone,


      I was attempting to use the insert URL to import the content of a static file from Box, but FileMaker continues to give an error indicating "requested data is missing".  However, I made sure that the file was accessible with a direct download link and then used that as a URL, but it still comes back blank.  If I access the link directly, it works like a champ.  I have setup an FTP implementation and it works fine with FM, but the Box solution does not work.  Thoughts?

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          Sounds like there's some sort of processing that's happening on the server side that blocks the file from being accessible with Insert From URL. Unfortunately you can't control either the insert from URL behavior on filemaker's side or the server side behavior from box.com.


          What you might be up against is using Box's API to retrieve the file.


          It appears that box.com's view API supports cURL, so that might be a good place to start.

          Box API


          The free baseelements plugin supports cURL.