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    Data entry delay


      Does anyone out there know what might be causing the following problem?


      I am using a FMP template (Home - Collections : Music Library) to create a CD database. Currently I have only 31 records, so it is quite small. I had no issues the first night or two I worked in the database, but last night it suddenly became very SLOW. My typing appears in real time, but when I hit Tab to move between fields, I am experiencing 5-8 second delays. A small window that says "Replace" at the top appears; inside the window it reads "Records remaining to update:" and it counts down from a number to zero before disappearing. At that time, I am able to resume data entry. The number inside this window - the number from which the countdown begins - started at 6 or 7 but is now at 10 or 11. This isn't just an annoyance - it's seriously slowed me down, to the point I am considering starting over. I would really like to know what happened or what I might have done. I've nosed around in the Help documents, in the online community here, and have had no luck, but it certainly seems like I must have changed how entries are made. The Replace function is apparently involved, but I have been unable to determine how or why, or what I can do to change this.


      FYI: I also experience this delay when using Ctrl+N to create a new record.