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Data entry delay

Question asked by TRiehl on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by BruceRobertson

Does anyone out there know what might be causing the following problem?


I am using a FMP template (Home - Collections : Music Library) to create a CD database. Currently I have only 31 records, so it is quite small. I had no issues the first night or two I worked in the database, but last night it suddenly became very SLOW. My typing appears in real time, but when I hit Tab to move between fields, I am experiencing 5-8 second delays. A small window that says "Replace" at the top appears; inside the window it reads "Records remaining to update:" and it counts down from a number to zero before disappearing. At that time, I am able to resume data entry. The number inside this window - the number from which the countdown begins - started at 6 or 7 but is now at 10 or 11. This isn't just an annoyance - it's seriously slowed me down, to the point I am considering starting over. I would really like to know what happened or what I might have done. I've nosed around in the Help documents, in the online community here, and have had no luck, but it certainly seems like I must have changed how entries are made. The Replace function is apparently involved, but I have been unable to determine how or why, or what I can do to change this.


FYI: I also experience this delay when using Ctrl+N to create a new record.