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FMgo "File could not be opened" error

Question asked by wfgclapp on Dec 3, 2015

Hello all,


First, FMS14, FMPA14, FMGo14. All except the very latest updates.


But this has been going on a while, since I started developing in Filemaker about a year ago (FM13).


All my solutions are for FMGo and I have seen this in all solutions (5 of them).


On a fairly frequent basis (easily once a day) my 30-40 users are, upon launching a solution from the Launch Center, seeing an error pop up that reads either:


"Error   The file 'xxx.fmp12' could not be opened. (Not Open)"


"Error  The file 'xxx.fmp12' could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."


I realize that these two errors are different and thus have different causes. And I know they have to do with connectivity. For instance, I know when I have my server down, I get the second error. Makes sense. And...I would expect sporadic network connectivity to cause either one intermittently.


However, it seems to be that I am getting these errors too frequently to be explained by network glitches. But of course that could be a huge assumption, I know!


I have the solution running on various versions of iPhones, iPads, and iOS. And with users spread over 4 states, so all kinds of networks. And I see the same errors myself on our fiber connection here in the office.


My users are getting frustrated and it is affecting adoption of some otherwise very slick stuff we've done with Filemaker in the last year.


If it's connectivity, then that's that I guess. But can anyone think of something else that I can control or am missing (due to my inexperience with FM) that might be causing this?


I am also about to post a thread about another error I get (though not as frequent) saying the file is damaged or corrupted. I am posting separately since it doesn't seem to be connectivity related, but I mention it here in case someone sees a connection (no pun intended).


Thanks for any help!