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FMGo "xxx.fmp12 is damaged" error

Question asked by wfgclapp on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by wfgclapp

Hello all,


First, FMS14, FMPA14, FMGo14. All except the very latest updates. These are all files hosted from server.


But this has been going on a while, since I started developing in Filemaker about a year ago (FM13).


All my solutions are for FMGo and I have seen this in all solutions (5 of them).


On a fairly frequent basis (easily once a day) my 30-40 users are, upon launching a solution from the Launch Center, seeing an error pop up that reads:


"Error   The file 'xxx.fmp12' is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the desktop product's Recover command to recover this file."



When I tap "OK" I get a dialog box saying connection with the host is lost. I log out of the file and back in and all is well.


I have never used the Recover feature (don't really know how and am scared to).


This seems to happen most often when I have the file open on my device, the device is locked, and I make a change to the file in FMPA. When I unlock the device I see the error. However, I have also seen this error when I have not been in FMPA all day but have been in and out of the Go solution (though this is a more rare occurrence). 


I have the solution running on various versions of iPhones, iPads, and iOS. And with users spread over 4 states, so all kinds of networks. And I see the same errors myself on our fiber connection here in the office.


My users are getting frustrated and it is affecting adoption of some otherwise very slick stuff we've done with Filemaker in the last year.


I have seen this in all 5 of the Go solutions I have built. Some solutions are simple, some are more complex. I can't see a common thread between the solutions if there is one.


Is this a red herring error or are ALL my files somehow all corrupted? How might I tell?


I've been developing in Filemaker for only about a year so hopefully there is something silly I'm missing or not doing. Any thoughts?


Thanks for any help!