Users get stuck on 1 remote call

Discussion created by abel408 on Dec 3, 2015

I've had a problem with one of my databases for the last few weeks. Every once in a while a user will get stuck on 1 remote call. You can see from this screenshot here:



The client doesn't appear to be doing anything. The problem is when this remote call gets stuck, it slows down the FileMaker for all users. And no, it's not a problem with the server hardware. I have a 32 core server with 64GB of memory and I've seen a remote call get stuck with as little as 10 logged in users. CPU and memory usage are always 0, but the cpu does increase to 2% when a remote call is "stuck". The more users with a stuck remote call, the slower FileMaker Server becomes.


I've been trying to figure out what it is that the database is doing when a user gets a stuck remote call, but have been unable to replicate it with my account.


My question is does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?


One symptom of this is that logins with WebDirect and incredibly slow. They will take minutes to load the layout. During a log in, a webdirect user will make 1000+ remote calls and download 14MB according to FileMaker statistics, but the actual data sent to the client's web browser will be only 7kb and takes forever to load the spreadsheet. No idea why... FileMaker Pro clients do not see nearly that amount when they log in. What is WPE doing differently?


Thanks for any help you can provide.