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    Am I missing something with this simple SQL calc?


      I'm trying to count the number of unique values in a field named _1a_DemoKnowledgeContent_value__lxt (in the table, DANIELSON_FORM) using the SQL calc spelled out on this FileMaker Support Page: Counting the number of unique values in a field | FileMaker, but I just can't get it to work; I have it entered thus:


      ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT ( DISTINCT _1a_DemoKnowledgeContent_value__lxt ) FROM DANIELSON_FORM" ; "" ; "" )


      Here's FileMaker's:


      ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT LocationField) FROM ContactTable" ; "" ; "")


      ...and yes, it's Unstored.


      So, is there something I'm missing in the set-up? TIA for your help!