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    Filtering Records with a global feild


      I have a list of records that I would like to filter with a global field.


      However, I'm having an extremely difficult time understanding how to set this up.  Any advice, or a step by step would be so helpful!



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          Thank you for your post.


          If I understand correctly and you are using a portal, you might try doing a Portal Filter calculation similar to:

          TableTwo::Related_Field = TableOne::Global_Field

          If you simply want to filter through records with the global fields value, that should handle it. If you wanted to filter out the global field's value you might do the calculation similar to this:

          TableTwo::Related_Field ≠ TableOne::Global_Field

          The latter will show every record with values other than the global field's value.


          I hope this information is of use!



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            Yes and no....


            I do need to filter portal records, I also have a list layout I need to filter.

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              You have 2 types of "filtering".


              The first one is to filter records based on a list view (list view set in the layout settings).

              In this case, filtering is done using a search script step (go to a layout and perform a search), or Go to related record script step.


              The second way is done using a portal filtering.

              This can be done by doing a relationship between 2 tables.


              like TSPigeon demonstrated by applying the filter calculation (by double click on the portal and applying a filter calculation)

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                Thank you all so much! I'm going to play with this and see if I can figure it out.

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                  I have attached a very simple example file that demonstrates 2 options:

                  1. A global field on the Names layout displaying a list of records with a global field that has a script trigger attached to find records that match the global field. The script is 'triggered' when a change is made to the Name_Filter field.
                  2. A layout [called Global Filter] based on a one record table that has 2 portals. Both portals display records that match the "SearchName" field. The one on the right is a filtered portal that displays all records if the SearchName field is empty because the relationship is based on a cartesian join (where any one record in one table will match all the records in another table occurrence). The portal based on the matching of names displays 'nothing' if the SearchName field is empty.
                    Clicking on a name in either portal will take you to the related record.