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    Get ( RecordModificationCount )


      I've a series of related tables, each with a calc field Get ( RecordModificationCount ). I'm summing these to check for a change anywhere in the chain. It seems to work except for a table that contains >1 related record. In this instance only the first record's changes are counted.


      How would I count changes in all the related records for that TO?

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            yes, I've used a calc:


            XX::__uuID = YY::_IOuuID;Sum(TableY::recmodcount);0


            However, I'm finding that merely moving between X records or activating a pop-up causes extra counts. This would mean the script I'm only wanting to trigger if there's been a change would always trigger.


            Is there a way of tracking value changes?

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              I don't know what do you mean in "extra counts", though the calculation is "unstored", so every time you refer it, it will re-calculate, and you can't trigger anything by its value change. Script is riggered by user interaction.

              I think you need to set the trigger to every layout for changing child records, or use some plug-in for run script on calculation.


              If you are using onRecordLoad trigger to check change, you can save the value to another field and compare it with current value.

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                The problem was that there were a couple of fields I'd not thought about changing (therefore increasing the count) each time I switched record, even though nothing within the record had changed.


                For anyone summing recordmodificationcounts, consider carefully which records you want summed or that might be modified.