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    Global field search used within a dropdown menu



      I'm using a global field to search my records from a set of values (value list) within a dropdown menu.


      I've set up a global field called: g_SearchStatus and then created a relationship for my dropdown field to use:



      On the layout I have the dropdown field and I have attached a value list to search:


      On my layout I use a number of these to allow the user to search their database quickly.

      The issue:

      On this layout i'm using the "FullName" field as a button, I have set up a single step - go to related record using another layout - The problem is with all the global search fields -  it's not working.   It goes to the layout but it isn't showing the selected name that the user click on.


      Thanks for your help

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          The global match field is likely to cause issues using GTRR. If I understand you correctly, I'd say the problem could easily be resolved by capturing the ID as a variable at the head of your script, then use GTRR to go to the layout you want, then use the ID to find the selected record. Alternatively, you may be able to use Find Matching Records.

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            I would suggest also removing g_SearchStatus from the relationship

            And like keywords said, rely on the unique ID to get to your record (by GTTR or a simple search)


            In contrast, the g_SearchStatus relationship could be helpful in case you want to display records in a portal (value filtering)

            For this purpose, you can also filter your records directly from the portal itself