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Invoicing templates for FMP

Question asked by ChangeAgent_1 on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by jfletch

I am looking for a template or something of the like to use for my accounting purposes.  As I am a total novice in FMP I suspect it is beyond my skill to develop from scratch. 


What I need is a system that does invoices only.  No bookkeeping needed.  No inventory needed.  All it needs to do is hold client details (Address, VAT No etc.).  However I need to be able to ad VAT at different rates or to use the EU VAT diversion system (for those of you who do not know we do not charge VAT to companies in the EU that are not in the country we are in, that are VAT registered).  If this is the case I need to add a note stating that the VAT is diverted.  It needs to create unique invoice numbers.  I need to be able to mark invoices as paid. 


Invoice needs to be printed on A4 and I need to be able to ad logo and my details, like our own VAT number etc.


Is maybe a strange combination, I know, but hoping there is something out there I can use or use and adapt.  If it does more no problem but this is the minimum I need.  I hope someone has a tip or two or other smart ideas how to solve this. 


  1. Thanks.