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    2-Machine Deployment - Database Server loses connective with Web Publishing Server


      Product and version: FileMaker 13 Server Advanced Version 13.0.905

      OS and version: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1


      Users will call in stating that they cannot log into our CWP site.  After some research, the Database server has lost connectivity with Web Publishing server.  Restarting the Web Publishing server will sometimes result in connectivity being re-established (I'd say 20% of the time) but most of the time a restart of both the Database server and the Web Publishing server is required to restore connectivity.  20% of the time multiple restarts are required.


      How to replicate:


      Workaround (if any):

      No workaround.  A restart of the server is required.

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          One of the problems with this issue is that when users attempt to log into our website, they are greeted with a blank page.  That is usually the issue that results in a call or email from our client, after which I check the admin page of FileMaker and notice that the Database server is no longer talking to the Web Publishing server.


          After enabling error logging in the PHP.ini file, I am seeing this error:


          Fatal error: Call to undefined method FileMaker_Error::getRecords() in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\index.php on line 64

          I will report back to see if this error goes away when the servers are talking to one another.