Trouble Sending Email via SMTP

Discussion created by veritas02 on Dec 2, 2015
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I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 (new to the program) on Windows 10. While trying to send an email (File, Send, Mail, Send via: SMTP), I keep getting the error message stating: "Email(s) could not be sent successfully." I'm trying to send it via my Gmail account


I've ensured that everything, including authentication, is entered correctly. I've also double checked my firewall settings.


I've noticed that when I click on "Specify" for the SMTP server to enter the information the Server Port states "25" (should be 465 for I then enter 465 and hit the OK button. If I go back and hit "Specify" again, the Server Port has reverted to 25 again. No matter what I do, I can't get it to stay at 465.


Could that be the problem? What do I need to do to send emails via my Gmail account?


Thanks in advance