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    Wordpress Forms to FileMaker

      Good Morning,


      What are some of the easiest and more advanced ways to integrate Wordpress forms hosted on our website to be pulled into FileMaker?


      I'd like to explore a few different ways to see if there is way to do this without buying a plugin, any advice would be great.



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          Hi Kyler,


          There's a number of options available here:


          1. use the ESS feature which will let view the Wordpress tables in FileMaker:


          FileMaker Software Deployment, Business Software Solution - FileMaker


          2. if you're using Gravity forms you can use the FileMaker PHP API to extend them to also post to your database. Here's an article about this process:


          WordPress Form FileMaker Integration | DB Services






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            The Wordpress sites I have worked on have all been MySQL and FileMaker can make an ODBC connection to them.  Depending on the version of MySQL, it can use External Sequel Services (ESS) so that you can create table occurrences of the Wordpress tables right in FileMaker.  The currently ESS supported databases are at:  FileMaker Software Deployment, Business Software Solution - FileMaker  You probably need to make sure to have the MySQL 5.6 Community Edition. 


            Be careful with FileMaker being in Wordpress.  You can mess things up by importing and changing things in Wordpress via FM. However, I have a couple of Wordpress sites where FileMaker makes posts in Wordpress and it works great.  One is used by an Apple app store App and it is pretty slick. 


            If ESS doesn't work because you have an older version of MySQL, you can still do ODBC imports and exports.  It just isn't quite as slick as the ESS. 

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              there are many good comments here, Kyler!


              I'll point out (as Taylor also stated), to be very cautious of any connection between Word Press (if in MySQL) and FileMaker (by any means). Word Press may have:


              * modules which use non-sql methods of storage. by that I mean they are not tables/columns, but rather can be a form of EAV (Entity–attribute–value model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). You must be careful to get the data you need from this kind of storage.


              * hash-storage of secured data: you cannot read/write these directly, but only through the WP (PHP/MySQL) interface.


              * dependancies among various tables/columns (in MySQL) that can hamper direct connection for data exchange (to & from)


              * permissions that are needed for access by the ISP hosting the WP (PHP/MySQL) and many ISPs do not allow this directly - here a custom PHP module that you have for FM to exchange data may be needed. I've done this with data "feeds" to get .csv data for FM to consume and upload of .csv for MySQL to consume (all via PHP).


              It can be done, but you have much to consider!


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                Mike Duncan

                I have also used "templates" in wordpress to integrate my own PHP/CWP files. This is fairly easy and you don't need to edit any wordpress config files. You can keep your custom php files outside the main wordpress directory, and create a wordpress template that will include your form. From there, you create a normal PHP page and select the template, then it will be served like any other wordpress page, but display your form inline.


                If you make the action of your form relative, then it all stays nicely in wordpress, so is transparent to end users. No WP plugins needed.


                Hope this helps.


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                  I posted a video on YouTube showing how to use MirrorSync to sync FileMaker with MySQL:


                  Sync Wordpress and FileMaker Server using MirrorSync - YouTube