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    Using a portal without relationship to layout.


      If I have two tables that do not have a direct relationship. Table 1 = "TRANSACTION" and Table 2 = "CONTACTS". I have a third table that is used to store both ID's of each table for other uses (many to many). However, in this case TRANSACTION and CONTACTS have no field related so I am unable to put a portal for CONTACTS directly on a TRANSACTION layout. I would like to utilize a portal instead of a drop down because it gives me some more flexibility and search options with portal filter options for example. This portal would be used to list all the Contacts with a script to add the contact to the TRANSACTION_CONTACT_HUB table (the third many to many table).


      One thought would to have a field in TRANSACTION and CONTACTS that AUTO ENTERS a value of 1 in those fields so I have a relationship between the two for the sole purpose of having the ability to list the CONTACTS portal on the TRANSACTION layout.


      Is this advisable or are there any perceived issues I may have not thought of or possible a more sensible solution that escaped me.


      Thanks again for the help.

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          You could also create a relationship using a global in transaction that connects to a field in contacts.


          The field in contacts can be an indexed calc that contains names, or part of names (there is a great custom function that expands text entered in a field - I think it's called explodestring or something like that). This way, you could type a name, or part of a name into the global and it "instantly" shows possible matching names within the portal.


          There are a number of techniques for "contact" selection that work from any table to any other table. There are some neat ones out there that use globals and custom funtions, SQL functions and other methods.


          You could even set it up to filter the portal as soon as you begin to type text (using keystroke triggers)

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            Creating a cartesian join between the two tables (call the TO AllContacts or something similar) will allow you to use a portal.