Using a portal without relationship to layout.

Discussion created by raykennedy on Dec 2, 2015
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If I have two tables that do not have a direct relationship. Table 1 = "TRANSACTION" and Table 2 = "CONTACTS". I have a third table that is used to store both ID's of each table for other uses (many to many). However, in this case TRANSACTION and CONTACTS have no field related so I am unable to put a portal for CONTACTS directly on a TRANSACTION layout. I would like to utilize a portal instead of a drop down because it gives me some more flexibility and search options with portal filter options for example. This portal would be used to list all the Contacts with a script to add the contact to the TRANSACTION_CONTACT_HUB table (the third many to many table).


One thought would to have a field in TRANSACTION and CONTACTS that AUTO ENTERS a value of 1 in those fields so I have a relationship between the two for the sole purpose of having the ability to list the CONTACTS portal on the TRANSACTION layout.


Is this advisable or are there any perceived issues I may have not thought of or possible a more sensible solution that escaped me.


Thanks again for the help.