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FMS14 Error 701 - fmse terminated abnormally

Question asked by wfgclapp on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by wfgclapp

FMS14, FMPA14, FMGo14


Been working in Filemaker a year or so and never seen this happen (until now).


Twice now this week I have gotten an Error 701 (FileMaker Script Engine process has terminated abnormally) on my server.


I only checked the server logs on the most recent instance of the Error. Just before the 701 error there was an error 3 (command unavailable, wrong OS, etc.). The Error 3 referenced a script step that is indeed incompatible with server. Might this then cause the 701 error? I realize I could test this pretty easy but I only have a live server so I don't want to test without a good idea that might be the right direction.


I know what is causing this Error 3 and it is a step that has been in all my scheduled scripts for over a year. So, it's nothing new. So maybe the Error 3 is a red herring.


Any general thoughts on what might cause this 701 error? I have lots of scheduled scripts running very often so it really screws me up.


Any help would be appreciated.