FileMaker Server 14 crash with Actual Technologies ODBC after OS update

Discussion created by maser on Dec 3, 2015
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Just an FYI...


I was running FileMaker Server 14.0.3 on Mac OSX 10.10.5 using the Actual Technologies ODBC drivers to connect to "Actual Oracle".      One of the databases I host makes an immediate connection to an Oracle database upon opening the database to update the data.   Works fine.


I updated the operating system to 10.11.1 (and also updated to 14.0.4 at the same time -- just saw there is 14.0.4a today, so it's not that version.)


After the upgrade, the FMS was fine and all the databases were there -- until the ODBC-using database was accessed by a client.


Every time this was attempted to be opened -- the FileMaker Server crashed.


Turns out, the underlying issue causing the crashes is that the Actual Technologies ODBC driver (3.3.6) still requires the use of the legacy Java SE 6.


Upgrading from 10.10.5 to 10.11.1 removes that legacy Java 6 (and, unfortunately, nothing actually prompted me that this needed to be reinstalled until I went digging and ran ODBC Manager to test the Actual Oracle connection -- the prompt came up then.)


I've reported this issue to Actual Technologies -- who got back to me to say they are working on a version of their software that doesn't require Java 6.


However, I'm also reporting this as an FMS product bug as (to me) if one database has a problem connecting via ODBC for some reason, then something like that specific database should "crash" (maybe?) -- but the entire FMS should not be brought down (which is what happened).   Right?


Anyway, I was able to reproduce this on a test machine as well, so I'm reporting it.