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Compression after externalizing image containers

Question asked by user10625 on Dec 3, 2015

Hi all,


An art gallery client  just upgraded from 11 to 14. They have a lot of big image files, and I was making an attempt to move everything to external storage on the FMS.


I changed the image field to the External Open Storage option, and upon submitting the schema changes, everything seemed to go smoothly, the files transferred over to the folders correctly.


Where I get stuck is, I want to take the file offline and compress it, so that they can run more regular backups on it without using up mongo amounts of disk space.  After extraction, and taking the file offline and compressing seems to either:


1)  disconnect and lose the images entirely once I re-host.  (the containers are empty or show an error).


2)  not actually compress the file by very much.  (6.8 GB —> 6.7 GB).

or all of the above.


Is there a standard operating procedure for this that I am not aware of?


(this is on a Yosemite server, in case that matters.)



Christopher Bailey