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Approach for creating standard letters

Question asked by tkemmere on Dec 4, 2015
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Dear all,


Being completely new to FileMaker (and setting up relational databases for that matter), I have arrived at the point that I have a completely working database with Accountmanagers, Companies, Contact persons, Contact history and a number of containerfields holding related PDFs. Great! Took me appx 8 days.


Now it is time to start the magic, and I could use some help regarding how to approach it.


I would like to set up a system that produces standard letters for me. Like for example a cover letter when I send out a brochure to a customer. The user is in the layout Contactperson and clicks on a button [Make coverletter]. he is directed to a new layout where the letter is presented. There are a number of variable bits of text so the letter can be used for a couple of puposes. Also I would like there to be a choice between a formal way of putting it and informal, (tutioyer vs, vouvouyer). Of course there are the Adress and Name fields, but those are related, so getting those filled shouldn't be a problem. I thinking of having the tickboxes and dropdowns that define the letter-setup in the non-printing header.


So my question is, fundamentally, how do I set this up? Do I

1) Make a new table for this letter, that I have filled with relevant data when the user clicks on [make letter], and that is additionally populated when the user uses the ticks and dropdowns in the header? (And then display the letter of that table).

Or is it better to

2) not bother maing such a table, and somehow have the ticks and dropdowns in the header, control the text in the letter?

Or should I

3) Use variables that I load, when [make letter] is clicked?


I simply don't know yet. If someone is willing to get me going a bit, I'll feel much more comfortable knowing I'm on the right way.


I feel a bit uncomfortable asking these basic questions, if you have any recommendations on where to find such info, that would also be helpful. One simply can't really Google for a question like this, I think. I did follow one of the Lynda courses on FM, which shows really a lot, but I wasn't able to destill what would be the best way for this one. At the moment I'm diving into the Starter Solutions to see whether I can figure it out.


Thanks very much in advance.

Regards, Thomas Kemmere.