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Cannot view pdf in a container on iOS

Question asked by kongphui on Dec 4, 2015

I have stored pdf in a container field.

Export Field Contents works on the desktop, and I have set it to automatically open.


However it does not work on the iPad, it will show "Loading web page..." and after a minute of so, this error message appeared:

Failed to open "http://....../Streaming/MainDB/...pdf?SessionKey=.....&RCType=RCFileProcessor" (I have omitted to type out all info in the error message)


But if the container has an image file (jpg, png...etc), it will be able to open on both desktop and iOS.


I do remembered that this was working during FMS13.  I have now used FMS14.


Has anyone encountered similar issues?  I hope to learn about how to resolve this.  Thanks!