WebDirect CSS not fully Loading leaving washed out screen when Parts not sized correctly

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Dec 4, 2015

One thing that I've noticed happens a lot when working in WebDirect is having to make sure the Header and Footer have enough pixels to display.  Each template has CSS that has a minimum size and if it doesn't get that width, it tries, but can fail.  When it fails, it leaves a washed out or incomplete CSS web page like this:




And it is not consistent with web browsers.  The Google Chrome browser seems to be the pickiest, followed by IE.  Safari seems to override the problem most often.  But the page should render like:




The solution in this case was to make the footer part a little bit taller and then everything renders just fine on all supported browsers. 


Just note that if you get a washed out or incomplete CSS page in a browser, one of the problems may be Layout parts that are too small.