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if  "yes", DO, If "no" do nothing

Question asked by marcopel on Dec 4, 2015
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Dear community, my name is Marco

Im 2 weeks new to Filemaker and I'm using it to keep track of plants in a greenhouse.

Here is the question:

I basically have 2 tables : Seed and Plant.


In my head the process would work like this:

From the seed table I use different fields to create a field called Seed label

When I copy this label on the assign field in a new record in the Plant table it generates a Plant label


If I copy the plant label in a specific field back the Seed table it generate a new seed record with its seed label.


And here is the point:

I made a simple calculation field (let's call it A ) that should not change if the Plant Label field is empty and do something if it is not empty

In order to do that I specified that if the Plant label field is empty then the calculation field will be replace with itself (so no changes)


Case (

IsEmpty ( Plant label ) = 1; A  #replacing itself ;

IsEmpty ( Plant label ) = 0; DO something



The result is strange, field A has a lot's of records that look like :





If Plant Label is empty it should remain the same , instead the first 2 character "ES" are removed leaving only the number..I don't understand why.

Can someone help me with that.


I ask you sorry also for any misused of terminology and I hope I was clear enough.


thanks a lot in advance.