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new record/request function discrepancy

Question asked by fliss on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by TorstenBernhard

Has anyone encountered variability in the placement of the new record when new record/request function is used in a script?


In copy of the database FM puts the new record at the end of the found set.

In the copy I am using now it puts if after the record it was on when script step executed.


I have had this problem before years ago - now using FM13. Cannot find anyone else who has a problem with it. But also cannot find any programming inconsistency.


Any advice on how to navigate when this variability happens. I have a script that duplicates a series of records but only works when FM puts new record at end of set. I could change script so it works when new record is otherwise placed but what is making the discrepancy in the way this function works??


thanks for any help.