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Help wanted with getting records sorted for report (see explanation)

Question asked by PaulPijnenborg on Dec 4, 2015
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Hello all,


2 questions, as I am totally lost and out of solutions. The logic is simple but....


Question 1:

I have a invoice record where 2 fields {doctor1 and doctor2} related by the same original table in relationships (doctor1 and copied docter2).

So each invoice has 2 different doctors where 1 is the leading and 2 is secondary. Both have different values to declare and each their own invoice.


Now the problem: I want to make a list which is sorted by the name of the doctor AND get the values related to him/her:


doctor invoice nrdatevalue 1value 2



Question 2:


It is more or less the same as question 1.


Next to invoices they can declare costs to insurance companies. So i copied /reconfigurated the invoice tables / relationships to (let us call it ) BOLETIM.

There is no relationship between invoices and boletim. The original doctor table is copied in relationships (doctor 3 and doctor 4).

So we use only one table to get all fields filled.


Now how can I combine both Invoices and Boletim in one list like above?



I hope it makes any sense and would be really grateful with your help solving this.


Thanks Paul