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    Large Number of files in container folder


      I have a client who has over 4 gig of documents (1000+) in their containers folder.   Does this have an impact of performance when hosted on Filemaker server remotely ?


      Thank you

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          It depends on the server you're hosting it on.


          Most shared hosting services (The $20-50/month hosting companies) do have a file size limit that you would be pushing. Also cloud based servers you configure yourself may cost more due to the drive space.


          However if you're hosting your own physical filemaker server with plenty of drive space, then filemaker is great at managing massive amounts of container data. I've heard others pushing 30+gb of data without any performance issue.


          One consideration would be your backup strategy as well, you wouldn't want to be generating 4-5gb backups daily. So you might want to manage that aspect separately.


          Another consideration is to limit actions in your solution for containers. EG don't load containers in list views, and don't perform container actions on large found sets. Keeping things tidy in your development will help with speed when dealing with a lot of container data as well.


          TL;DR - Yes, it's possible to manage vast amounts of container data with FMS.

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            Also, read up on HOW to store container data for the best performance.


            Here's a good read:

            Stop Embedding Documents in Your Database! - MightyData