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    Specify source file and displaying the target folder




      hope someone can help with this.


      Using the script InsertFile (FMPro 14)I was trying to open up the targeted folder without having to located it each time I insert the images. But I don't seems to be able to get it right.


      Under the Specify Source File of the script I inputed into the AddFile section with the following file path :

           filemac:/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary


      But when I click on the field, I kept getting the error message :"The file"Photos Library.photoslibrary could not be found........"


      I must have got it all wrong I suppose. What I want to do is when I click on the field I'm hoping that the folder where the  images are stored will popup  so that I can select the images without having to go thru a few layers of folders.


      Could someone kindly point me to the right file path to use?( something : filemac:/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/*.*)