FM Web Hosting of a DB of Images

Discussion created by FergyMitch on Dec 4, 2015

I have a Master Artworks Db in FM14 on our personal iMac of that includes images of the pieces, where they are being exhibited, sale details etc.

I would like to establish a website to initially publicise these artworks online, and in the medium term potentially transact sales online.


The Db would contain several hundred records, each with images of the artworks stored in low and higher resolutions, with the higher resolution images being around 2-3Mb each.


I am trying to decide whether to develop the Art website in something like Squarespace which specialises in image display, or develop a separate FM Db and host that online through an external service provider. I like the idea of a hosted FM website, as I think it'd be easily integrated into our Master Artwork Db, but I'm not sure of the practicalities.


Could anyone give me some guidance on which would be the best way to go?


Does FM would provide a speedy website for image display?


Are there any pitfalls in using FM for this type of application?


Any guidance would be appreciated