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    unable to open or create fmp files ! advanced 14.0.4. Help ?


      Hello, had subscribed a license for FMpro advanced so far so good but suddenly yesterday after having left my pc on for a while on windows 10 I could not toggle back to FMPro with alt tab, or yes I could but no window appeared.

      Killed it with task manager, relaunched it, the open or create file menu appears, including local and remote and recently opened file, but when I open or create a new file FMpro is active but no display, no window...

      Tried full blend reinstall, same thing...

      I am lost, can't use anymore what I've done, paid quite some amount of money for it, panick on board...

      If anyone has an idea ? Thx

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          deinstalled/reinstalled several times, usingdeinstall procedure, using ccleaner, deinstalled other apps,cleaned registry, etc...


          Always the same. Tried to contact Customer support. Unreachable, had to pay to wait, left messages asking for call back. Nobody called me back.


          Why did I pay 600 Euros for that thing ? Was about to expand it in my community.


          Really disgusted...

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            Thank you for your post.


            FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4 works under Windows 10, so there is something else conflicting with it.


            Try creating a new user account, login to the new user account, launch FileMaker Pro, and see if you can create a file.  If you cannot create a file, what is the exact error message you receive?  If you can create a file, then we can focus on your original user account.



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              Thanks a lot Gal. I think you belong to the official FM support team right ? Then I am starting to change my mind about my situation because seems like finally there is someone who can help me . Thx


              As a matter of fact I tried what you suggested and it... works ! created a new user account (not so obvious in Windows 10 , but got through). FMPro started like a charm...


              Cannot figure out how to get it back up and running on my standard account... The point is as follows: when I launch it the file selection window opens properly, then either I select a file, either I create a new one, the selection window disappears, I see a FMPro icon popping up in my task bar, in task manager the SW seems to be running properly, but there is no standard interface popping up, if I try to toggle with Alt Del there is a FM window active but it seems empty, and when I select it no window appears. There is no error message at all. If I close it manually through the task bar with right clicke and I had created a new file then at the next start this new file can be selected as if it had been properly created, but the same symptoms will occur again.


              I've tried all possible tricks, several deinstall/reinstall, registry clean up, reboot, updated Windows, whatever. No way. Based on your hint I suspect that FMPro keeps some user related data somewhere like a kind of cache and I just would need to discard this (not removed by the deinstall probably), but I can't figure out.


              You're about to make an angry Customer happy, and I'll vote for you at the next king of support election. I'll try to get back to my previous account to see if this single trick has cleaned it, but if you have any further hint based on this 1st success thx to you ?


              Tx so much !!

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                Just as an add-on: getting back to my regular account the problem is still present. Tried to browse through my user folders, but can't find anything specific related to FMPro... Any hint welcomed.

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                  First, I'm glad to know that FileMaker Pro is working under the new user account.


                  In the original user account, after launching FileMaker Pro, pull down the Edit menu and select "Preferences...".  Click on the General tab (if not already selected) and Reset the dialog sizes and positions.  If any windows are off screen, then they will be brought back into view.


                  If the issue continues, let me know what menu options are available and grayed out under the File menu.  This may provide a clue.



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                  Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.20.46 AM.png

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                    Thx Gal. As a matter of fact since I don't have acces to any window once I've selected a file to open I was wondering what I could do since no window = no menu clickkable with the mouse.

                    But since it seemed that FMPro was nevertheless running even if no window accessible, your hint gave me the idea to use the menu shortcuts. So I did an Alt F and tadaaa,a file menu appeared out of nowhere, located at the upper left of my desk.


                    As per your request see enclosed a zoom on the file menu, everything seems accessible: It's in French but...


                    File menu.JPG



                    Then I used the Arrow Windows to move to other menu, I found the relevant menu and pressed reste, but unfortunately it did not change anything. I hope with those screenshots you can better figure what's going on and find the magic trick ? On this last screenshot yousee all my problem: no FM window visible even if I select it from the task bar...



                    I hope this helps you to figure out how to get things sorted out ? If you want me to try anything else pls let me know...


                    And.... Thanks !



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                      From your last screen shot, it appears you may be in full screen mode.  To verify, mouse up to the top edge of the screen and see if the title bar displays.  If so, click More -> Exit Full Screen.  This should then give you back your menus.



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                        Hello Gal.


                        As a matter of fact I used the Alt F trick again then using the arrows to scroll I manage to access the window menu (maximize etc) It looks as if both the FM window and the window embedding it were minimized... I do not know what actually led to this situation, but I clicked on maximize again on both and.... tadaaa, got it all back as normal.


                        I think the window 'behavior' of FMPro is a little 'weird' and it would be worth checking it, because actually this is not a bug as such, but it can lead to very surprising situations for the end user. That's the first time a windows app behaves like this for me, I guess I coul be not the only one, so to avoid this in the future ?


                        Anyway, thx to your help, I will now close this thread.


                        Thx a lot