FileMaker Server/Client 14.0.4 -- bug (?) in updating field values in a record

Discussion created by maser on Dec 4, 2015
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A user showed me this behavior, so I need to ask (1) is it expected behavior or (2) is there a client setting that would alleviate this behavior:


FileMaker Server and client 14.0.4 -- running on Mac OSX 10.11.1


Client user opens the "FMServer_Sample" database (so you can reproduce this with a vendor-supplied database)


Client user edits the "Project" field in the first record (i.e., change "Launch web site" to "Launch web site test"


Client user tabs to "Project Tag" and edits "narketing" to "marketing test".   Hits return.


So two field values for that record have been changed.


Client then closes laptop lid.   Client *does not quit the database, nor does the client change to another record*.


A *different* client opens FM 14.0.4 and connects to the FMServer_Sample database.


The changes "entered" by the first client -- are not seen by this second client.


First client wakes up their laptop -- still sees the changes ("test" additions) he made.  


At this point *if* the first client changes to a different record (or closes the database) or clicks around to select one of the different "projects" on that layout , then his edits are committed to the server database.



So our question -- is this expected behavior?   Where an edit and "entering" of a new field value in a record is not committed to a server database until the user actually changes records or does something else (i.e., closing the file, switching records, etc) that would update the database?


Are we missing something that would push an immediate field update to a record?   A setting on server?   A setting on client?   Something else?