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    Printing Barcode Label with Brother PT-9700PC




      I am trying to find a printer for printing a barcode label (sticker).

      I found this Brother PT-9700PC is the right one. But it is requires me to print a label using the software from Brother, which its called P-Touch?

      I don`t have this printer with me now, so I won`t have a chance to try this printer outside of it's software.


      I want to print the barcode label directly from the FMP, of course by making a layout in the FMP.


      If someone know or have trying this printer, please advice.


      Will I have a problem with the tape size, for example with the 12mm label, will I have to set the padding and etc ?



      Thanks for reading.




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          filemaker will work with most printers that have a standard or postscript printer driver.


          As long as filemaker can select the printer, then you should be able to format/orient a filemaker layout to work with your printer. My experience (and others) is that there is a fair amount of trial and error involved with getting the sizing down right. I've found that it's easiest to start with an empty grey outlined box and size that to the border of your print area, then format your content to fit in the box, and finally remove the box when you're done.


          As another tip, when you insert merge fields in your text boxes, EG <<Address1>>, as long as you leave the outer < > styled as you want, then you can resize the inside text to a smaller size to save on space without losing formatting. This works great for getting a lot of merge text together in one line. ( to example further, if you break it down to <   <field>   >, then format the fonts to 12pt   6pt   12pt, then you will have 12pt merge text, even though you saved space shrinking the inside of the merge tag).

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            Hi Mike,

            Thank you for the advices.
            Yeah, I have no chance to install and try the printer without buying it first.