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Trouble Getting My Field To Display On Layout - Filemaker 10 Pro Advanced

Question asked by scoostraw on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by scoostraw

I want to display on my layout when a customer is a repeat buyer.  So I created a self-join relationship and used the count function to search the customer username field.  It works fine.  That field I named RepeatBuyerCount.


I then created a calculated field called RepeatBuyerDisplay to use on my layout that is the calculation: If (RepeatBuyerCount > 1;"Repeat Buyer";"")


This also works.  My repeat buyers have the words "Repeat Buyer" in that field.


My problem is in displaying this field on my layout.  It is always blank.  Obviously I am doing some thing wrong.  But what??



Filemaker 10 Pro Advanced

Windows 7