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Message "Field1 is defined to require value"--but "not empty" NOT checked?

Question asked by wendy on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

Hello everyone. We have a mystery: we're getting the warning "Field1" is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign a value to this field" ... but Field1 (not the real name) doesn't have "not empty" validation set. What we do have:


- A multi-file database now in Filemaker 13 with Filemaker 13 server on a Mac with OSX. Both upgraded over the years from Filemaker 5 or earlier. The original administrator is no longer here.

- Field1 is defined in FileB as:

    - Text

    - Validated by calculation, value = zero, and a note by the administrator reads:

          /* Set up a validation that will always be false, in order to have a warning occur any time the field is edited.  */

               ("Validate only if field has been modified" is checked on the Specify Calculation" window.)

          A custom message: "WARNING: You are changing this checkbox for the entire brand!"

          "Allow user to override during data entry" is checked.

     - There are no Auto-Enter settings.

- Field1 is on a layout in File B, and formatted as a checkbox set with values from a value list in FileB. Here it works as expected. When any box (of four) is changed (checked or unchecked), the expected "WARNING: ..." message pops up, with expected options of Revert, No and Yes.

- Field1 is also on a layout in FileA (via a relationship between two other fields in FileA and FileB). Again, it's a checkbox set with values from the same value list in FileB.

- But in FileA, when one of the checkboxes is changed, instead of the custom warning, we get: "'Field1' is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign a value to this field." Choices are "Revert Record" or "OK". If we click on revert, we get "Revert all changes to this record since it was last entered?" with Revert and Cancel choices. These, and "OK", work as expected.

- It does not matter if we're working with the served files or copies on the desktop.

I can't figure out why we get our desired custom warning in FileB, but in FileA we're getting the "defined to require a value" message instead. Running File Recovery indicated all is well. I've found other discussions about the "defined require a value" message, but I don't see what we're dealing with. Any ideas?