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Export Field Contents in Filemaker Go while in background

Question asked by sfpx on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by sfpx

I have an hosted database with a container field that contains a 90MB file.

I have a script that executes the Extract Field Contents function.

When FMGO is active all the way the function takes about 40 seconds to finish with my wifi connection.

Now I'm trying to understand how FMGO deals with the script when the user goes to another app (let's say the user decides to check his emails while it downloads) and FMGO is put in background.


A simple test I just did

I start the download script.

I wait 10 seconds and put FMGO in background (so 30 secs remaining)

I wait another 20 seconds and go back to FMGO.

If FMGO remained in foreground all the way it would have finished in 10 more seconds (40-10-20)

The scripts ends up finishing in about 25 seconds.

So basically it did not restart the download from scratch because it took less than 40 seconds from the moment FMGO was resumed.

I would be tempted to say that FMGO is pausing the download as soon as it's put in background but when resumed it took less than the expected 30 seconds remaining from the moment it was put in background.


I'm seriously really confused. I got many different results.



What I want to know is how FMGO deals with Extract Field Contents (from an hosted file) when FMGO itself is paused and then resumed.

Does FMGO pause the download when it's put in background and resume it when it's put in foreground again or does it restart it from scratch?

Does FMGO continue to run Extract Field Contents while in background at a lesser download rate (maybe dictated by IOS ?) ?