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Discussion created by thong127 on Dec 7, 2015
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Hello All,


I have a Material Database That Im using now, I added another table Which I called Material Milestone,


Materials Table

Field NameTypeOptions
Materials IDTextAuto Enter, Serial


Milestone Table

Field NameTypeOptions


My two tables are connected by their ID's above with = sign


I made a portal to my Materials Table (Show related record from Material Milestone)


I have also a button to create my milestone which perform the following script


Set Variable [$id ; Value:Materials::Materials ID]

Go to Layout ["Milestone"(Material Milestone)]

New Record/Request

Set Field (Material Milestone::id_Milestone)

Go to layout (original layout)

Go to Field [Material Milestone::Creation Date]

My problem is when I click my button the created record is not showing in my portal but when I go to the my Milestone Layout the created record is there.

and when I created a new record in my Material Table then I click my button it will show the created record in the portal.

Is there a way that I Can add a milestone of each material without manually entering them?

Thank you.