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GetContainerAttribute(sourceField;attributeName) not returning data

Question asked by peteraddison on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by keywords

I want to extract the name of a file used in a container. The function:




should handle this.


However, when I've added this to the calculation, I get "?" (question mark) instead of data.


I can drop in a new file and it returns the data. In fact, if I export the file, then drop it back in, it displays correctly.


So: I know my formula is correct and functioning, but it's not looking back at previously inserted files.


I also have a formula that converts to text and it has the information that I need, but it also has a lot I don't need. It's working fine.


I could export all files and re-place them, but there are some 12,000 records in the file, so that's not very practical.


Anyone know how I can force the "get" function to display the data?