ExecuteFileSQLTextResult on FMS

Discussion created by Alena on Dec 7, 2015
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I am trying to use the C++ plug-in SDK function ExecuteFileSQLTextResult on FileMaker Server 14 to insert new records. The solution is placed in FileMakerServer/Data/Databases and the file has read&write permissions for both fmserver and fmsadmin.

Everytime I call ExecuteFileSQLTextResult on FMS(OS X 10.10), it returns error 100(File is missing).

The filename is entered as "Solution.fmp12" and it should be a valid relative path on FMS.


What am I doing wrong? The very same function works in FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, it can select and insert records without problem.

Are there any file placement restrictions or database settings I forgot to change?


Thank you for any tip or advice.