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Discussion created by MauriceG on Dec 5, 2015
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Hello All,

I’m using FM 14 and I need help to resolve a relationships issue.

I’m creating a recipe solution in which I have, amongst others, the following tables:


Recipes Table, which stores a list of recipes.

Dates Table, which stores the dates on which each recipe was cooked.

A ‘’shell’’ table, that I use only as the basis for a layout on which I put a (recipe) portal that displays all recipes from the Recipes table.


I also want to put on that shell table layout a (dates) portal based on the Dates table to display the dates on which the recipe was cooked. The idea is to have a button at the end of each row on the Recipe portal that I would click to display the dates that particular recipe was cooked. From my research on this forum, I understand I need new TOs and some global field in one of the tables and a script but I am unable to adapt to my situation what I have found on this forum. Would anyone be kind enough to explain.